EV Tuning

Why we believe that the era of electric cars is not the end of tuning!

Nowadays it is noticeable that more and more electric car owners are considering to modify their EV. Just because the drive technology will change in the future, the love of car tuning will not die with a decreasing market share of combustion engines, it will change.

Most of the cars that are currently "tuned" are Tesla (Model 3 and Model S), Porsche (Taycan), Volkswagen (ID.3 and ID.4), Honda and Kia.

EV Tuning: optical and performance upgrades

EV tuning is therefore less about hearing, but more about visual styling. However, optical tuning is just as possible as with the classic combustion models. Theoretically, there are no rules, everything you like is possible – of course within the limits of local legal requirements.


Talking about optical EV tuning, it is easily possible to improve your cars look and performance by modifying the chassis (sport springs, coilovers or air suspensions), color (individual wrap or paint design) or a nice set of high-end wheels.

Bring it down

Lowering an EV is no problem at all, it even works very well. The low centre of gravity caused by the battery is perfect for significantly improving driving dynamics by lowering it. More and more manufactures are producing specific lowering springs and coilovers for the heavy electric cars.


If you want to improve your EVs performance in terms of driving dynamics, then springs are not enough – a set of high quality coilovers is needed.

Electronically adjustable coilovers  or active air suspension lowering modules will allow you to switch within a second from sporty to comfortable or vis versa.

Aerodynamic parts and body kits

EV Tuning, you can also help in terms of efficiency, and thus increase the range. To achieve this, the aerodynamics must be improved, and this can be achieved with various add-on parts, as is already the case with combustion engines.


Especially for Tesla, there are already some body kits with sills, spoilers & diffusors., which not only promise more sportiness visually, but are also an upgrade for aerodynamics when driving.

Which electric vehicles are particularly suitable for tuning?
In general, all electric cars are suitable. Whether from an optical or driving dynamical point of view, if suitable and legal parts can be found for conversion in order to satisfy your individual needs, nothing stands in the way to create your customized electric dream car.
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